Ambah PG College is situated crossing the Chambal and Quari Ravines, in Morena district, within the state of Madhya Pradesh. Ambah was once a decoit inflicted town of moderate size in the district of Morena (Madhya Pradesh) lacking all the resource of education, 33km away from Morena.
• The main campus of the college is in the heart of the city. The campus is spread over 5.1 acres of landscaped lush greenery. Nestled within this are academic departments, class rooms, computer centre, community centre and other buildings along with sports facilities.
How to Reach Ambah

• Ambah is located towards north approximately 33 kilometers from Morena. Take the State highway Morena-Bhind, it passes through Ambah.
The main bus stand of Ambah is located on Morena-Bhind Road at Morena Tiraha. Several buses and regular private jeeps run from Morena to Ambah.
• Nearest airport to Ambah is located in Gwalior which is nearly 75 kms from Ambah.
• Easiest way to get to Ambah is by reaching Morena by train and then from Morena to Ambah by road. There are several trains serving Morena daily from Gwalior and Delhi. The high speed trains like Shatabdi also stop at Morena on their route Delhi - Bhopal. By train, it takes less than 5 hours and half to reach Morena from Delhi and then I hour road journey to Ambah, so it is the fastest and most economical way of travel. From Gwalior Trains take 30 minutes to reach Morena.